Neck Pain

More and more, our necks are bearing increased amounts of stress and strain. It used to be that automobile accidents and “whiplash” caused the majority of neck issues. Today, however, we have new, additional stressors being put on our necks—from a computer, laptop, and cell phone use. Combine these with aging concerns such as degenerative disc disease and arthritis and you start to see why neck pain is the second most common condition chiropractors treat.

While neck pain is less common than low back pain, millions of people experience neck pain and related arm pain at some stage in their lives and therefore seek chiropractic care.

Symptoms Associated with a Neck Condition

The top part of the spine called the “Cervical Spine” is what we generally think of as our neck. The top three joints allow for most movement of the neck and head. The lower joints in the neck and those of the upper back create a supportive structure for your head to sit on. If this support system is affected adversely, especially due to an auto accident, the muscles in the area will tighten, bringing the cervical spine out of alignment, and leading to neck pain.

It is important to note that neck pain can include a variety of sensations such as a dull ache, tingling, tenderness, sharp, shooting pain, numbness, or tenderness. Additionally, neck conditions can cause swallowing difficulties, swishing sounds in the head, dizziness, and lightheadedness.

Possible Causes of Neck Pain

If you’ve recently been involved in an automobile or work-related accident, you likely know exactly what is causing your pain; however, when there has been no apparent trauma, it can be more difficult to pinpoint. Numerous issues can cause symptoms including degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, bone spurs, facet arthritis, disc bulges and herniations, and of course, the types of trauma we see in car accidents.

Neck pain due to a recent automobile accident, chronic issues manifested over time from an old injury, muscular tightness in both the neck and upper back, or pinching of the nerves emanating from the cervical vertebrae are all causes for concern and need to be fully and properly evaluated.

Neck Conditions treated at Cornerstone Wellness Center:

We see and treat all neck conditions including cervical facet joint syndrome, slipped cervical disc, disc herniation, cervical muscle strains, referred pain, cervical lateral stenosis (trapped nerves in the neck), cervical central stenosis, and spinal cord compression (Myelopathy).

Treating Neck Pain with Chiropractic Care

Many patients come to us after trying a multitude of other options. What they appreciate about Dr. Warren and the staff at Cornerstone Wellness Center is our expertise and high level of care and attention. We have seen the complete range of neck conditions and recognize that neck trauma due to an automobile accident has a completely different treatment approach than degenerative disc disease. You need to be treated in an environment where you can trust that you are being cared for at the highest level—as an individual with a unique set of conditions with equally unique solutions.

The treatments that may be appropriate to your condition include, but are not limited to:

• Prolotherapy
• Physical Therapy
• Spinal Decompression
• Trigger Point Injection Therapy
• Chiropractic Adjustment
• Joint Injection Therapy
• Cold Laser Therapy
• DME Cervical Collar

A thorough spinal evaluation, utilizing X-rays, state-of-the-art technology, and specialized chiropractic evaluation techniques is employed to get a complete look not only at your neck but also at your entire spine and nerve network. A customized treatment plan for your chronic neck pain, integrating the best chiropractic care principles with supportive modalities such as gentle physical therapy and therapeutic massage is often recommended. A multi-faceted approach for neck pain is often the most effective.

Cornerstone Wellness Center participates in the Medicare DME (Durable Medical Equipment) program. DME cervical collar braces immobilize the spine from further trauma or injury by limiting movement. Patient treatment outcomes can be vastly improved when DME is prescribed and utilized in combination with chiropractic care.

At Cornerstone Wellness Center, we will diagnose your condition and construct an individualized treatment plan to effectively and quickly get you back to living a pain-free life.

We work with most insurance plans and our experienced staff can answer your questions and help coordinate the care you need.